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Posted: July 29th, 2013 By BWM


Methods of Resistance: Moving Beyond the False Dichotomy of Violent vs Non-violent Tactics
2013 Law and Disorder Conference
Portland, Oregon

Ahjamu Umi- Blazing Arrow Organization

Jihad Abdulmumit- Co-Chair for the Jericho Movement

Paulette D’Auteuil- Secretary for the Jericho Movement

B. Traven – CrimethInc.

Mick Kelly – Committee To Stop FBI Repression


The concept and struggle for the idea of revolution means many things to many people. Essentialist ideas favoring pacifism have minimized the idea of revolution as being either “violent or non-violent.” Many revolutionaries, activists and scholars argue that this dichotomy has limited our abilities to visualize a multiplicity of tactics and methods. Panelists will explain why a diversity of tactics has been necessary throughout history. This panel will encourage a critical discussion around the pragmatism of incorporating various methods of resistance into liberation movements. This panel will promote awareness of both violent and non-violent tactics and debunk myths about non-violent movements. World history has shown us that successful revolutionary struggles have not always been non-violent.


Posted: July 22nd, 2013 By BWM

New Perspectives on Liberation by Ahjamu Umi- Blazing Arrow Organization
2013 Law and Disorder Conference
Portland, Oregon

This workshop will discuss the corporate dominance of the Prison Industrial Complex and how imprisonment has little to do with crime and punishment and everything to do with creating a cheap labor source for corporations.


Posted: July 11th, 2013 By BWM

We have been patiently waiting to be able to show you this new design while it was being prepared and printed the past couple months, and we are very happy to announce that the time is finally here. ‘The ALF Wants You’ is a super soft black print on an even softer heathered grey Royal Apparel shirt. This shirt is a collaboration between Because We Must and the hard working folks over at ‘The Talon Conspiracy‘, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. This shirt is literally a blast from the past and we hope you like it as much as we do!

Here is a little message from The Talon Conspiracy about the shirt. “Our movement has always communicated with the public and each other through diverse media. Before Facebook and TUMBLR, it was zines, bumper stickers, and of course, T-Shirts. This design is a reproduction of the first widely available Animal Liberation Front support shirt distributed in the United States. Sold in 1984 for $6 (on beige, red, or blue!) the so called “Gorilla / guerrilla” was available by mail order through PETA’s newsletter. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will assist TheTalonConspiracy.com and their efforts to preserve animal liberation history.”  Check out the shirt here!


Posted: July 1st, 2013 By BWM

Unisex: soft black print on an even softer heathered gray shirt, soft black print on a white shirt. Women fit: soft white print on a black shirt. 

So, we printed up a new design. I was going to talk about all the phrases that ‘ACAB’ could stand for (all cats are beautiful, all caterpillars are butterflies, all cookies are bueno, all cops are bastards, etc) but I am just going to leave you with a single story about police murdering and brutalizing a community. Keep in mind, this happens everyday, in neighborhoods all over the world.

“In april 2001, when police officer Stephen Roach killed Timothy Thomas, Cincinnati served as the stage for a classic American drama. Thomas, an unarmed teenager wanted for several misdemeanor warrants, was the fifteenth Black man the Cincinnati police had killed in six years.! A few days later, protesters led by the victim’s mother occupied City Hall for three hours. When they were forced out, the crowd marched to the police station, growing as it went. At the police station, the demonstration esca­ lated. Members of the crowd hit the cops with rocks and bottles, shattered the station’s glass entryway, and removed the American flag outside. When the police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, the disorder spread.2 For three nights, hundreds of people, mostly young Black men, participated in looting and vandalism.3 The rioting mostly consisted of window-breaking and sporadic attacks on White people, though dumpster fires became so com­ mon that the fire department stopped responding to them.4 The fight was by no means one-sided. The police made 760 arrests and injured an unknown num­ber of people.

In what was perhaps the most disgraceful episode of the entire affair, police fired seven less-lethal “beanbags” at a crowd gathered for Thomas’s funeral service. Four people were hit, including two children. One victim, Christine Jones, was hospitalized with a fractured rib, bruised lung, and injured spleen. She described the incident: “It was like a drive-by shooting. All of a sudden, out of the blue, several police cars screeched to a halt at [the] intersection, jumped out of cars and just immediately started shooting people with the shotguns. No warning. No nothing.”  – Kristian Williams – (Our Enemies in Blue)



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