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Posted: January 7th, 2014 By BWM

jan-7-2014-keith vidal

The family of a schizophrenic teenager had called the police in to help them control an incident only to have the event unfold as a tragic police killing. The boy, 18 year-old Keith Vidal was holding a small electronics screwdriver and acting erratic. Two officers who were initially on the scene had been able to calm the boy down, and get him to a ‘more rational’ state of mind, according to a family friend, when a third officer arrived at the family residence. The third officer gave the order for the boy to be tased and restrained, after he instructed the other officers to “stop negotiating” and the boy tried to flee into a bathroom. It was that same officer who shot him in the chest at close range saying “we don’t have time for this.” Had it not been for his father engaging the officer, he would have fired a second shot into the boy.

A Recent Photo of Keith Vidal, Killed by Police. (Photo: BoingBoing.net)Anthony Owens, a family friend describes the killing in this article on BoingBoing.Net,

“As Vidal’s father tried to step in and grab the screwdriver, the Southport Police Officer that had instructed the other officers to use their tasers moved between the father and the pile of people on the floor and said ‘We don’t have time for this’ and shot Vidal once in the chest as the other two officers held him on the floor. Vidal’s father then grabbed the officer as he was lining himself up for another shot.” [1]

“Owens insists that Vidal did not threaten anyone and has no history of violence: “[The officer] could have just as easily killed one of his own. If it weren’t for Keith’s father grabbing the officer, he would have shot him again. Keith was … about 5’3 to 5’5 and 90 to 100lbs. Keith was small for his age.” [2]

We all hope that Keith and his family see justice for this execution, and we extend sincere condolences to his family, friends and community.

FULL STORY HERE: http://boingboing.net/2014/01/06/ncsummaryexecution.html

Posted: January 6th, 2014 By BWM

Captive Bosses At Goodyear Factory in France (Photo: Associated Press)The Guardian and other news sources are reporting that workers at a French Goodyear Tyre plant are holding who of their executive bosses hostage. After being described as “lazy and overpaid” by an American tycoon, Staff at the doomed Goodyear tyre factory in Amiens, northern France, have kidnapped production manager Michel Dheilly and Human Resources director Bernard Glesser.[1]

The executives arrived to have a meeting with union representatives on Monday morning, but were met by 200 workers who barricaded them into a meeting room with a tractor tyre “for the foreseeable future.” The workers have allowed the executives to keep their phones and are giving them water, but have made it clear that they have no intention of leaving the building, and have vowed to bring mattresses and sleep on site until things are resolved.[2]

The action today is in response to an American Headquarters decision to close the factory, costing over 1000 people to lose their full time employment. From the Daily Mail, outlining an exchange with the chairman of Titan International, who was written a letter asking him if he’d consider taking over the struggling plant:

Mr Taylor wrote in a letter: ‘I have visited the factory several times. The French workforce gets paid high wages but works only three hours. ‘They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three hours and work for three. I told the French union workers this to their faces. They told me that’s the French way!’ [3] He added: “You can keep your so called ‘workers’.”[4]

Well, it looks like the “French way” also includes taking your executives hostage until you treat them fairly… like in 2009, the Chief Executive Officer and Human Resources Director of Sony France were held captive by workers demanding better severance packages. Or in 2008 when the English boss of a car-parts factory in eastern France was held for 48 hours in his office, and the altercation at an ice-cream factory where police stormed in to free a manager who had been held hostage by workers angry over job cuts. (At least 14 staff were injured trying to stop police releasing him.) [5] For a bunch of supposedly lazy people, they sure seem willing to fight for their jobs, and for fair treatment.

Interested in reading more about this? Check out articles written about it at:
The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and The Independent

For the story about previous French boss-nappings, check out this article on The Guardian Website from 2009.

Posted: January 6th, 2014 By BWM

BREAKING NEWS out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has released a press statement today announcing that their 3-ship fleet has made contact with the japanese poachers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. So far they can confirm that the whalers have killed 4 minke whales, as their helicopter footage showed three slain whales on the deck of the Nisshin Maru, and a substantial amount of blood from the fourth, which had already been butchered.

Video footage from the helicopter, which discovered the fleet a little over 24 hours ago, can been seen here. Since they found the fleet whaling has been impossible as the poachers run from the Sea Shepherd ships. As of 07:23AEDT, the whalers are out of their self-imposed killing grounds, and continue running north. All whaling ships are now accounted for and fleeing.

From the Sea Shepherd Press Release: 

The Steve IrwinThe Bob Barker and The Sam Simon are now in pursuit of the whaling fleet, driving them away from their intended poaching grounds, disrupting their illegal hunt, and preparing to shut down their whale-killing operations.

Minke Whales Slaughtered By Poachers 2014

The Steve Irwin
’s helicopter first located the Nisshin Maru at 64°44′ S, 162°34′ W, in New Zealand’s sovereign waters in the Ross Dependency Antarctic region, and inside the internationally recognized Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd has obtained compelling footage and images of three dead protected Minke Whales on the deck of the Nisshin Maru, taken at the time the factory ship was first located. A fourth whale, believed to be a Minke, was being butchered on the bloodstained deck.”  […]

“Managed and led by Sea Shepherd Australia, Operation Relentless is Sea Shepherd’s tenth Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign. In its previous nine campaigns, Sea Shepherd saved the lives of over 4,500 whales.

Sea Shepherd Australia remains the only organization committed to defend the integrity of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by directly intervening against the illegal operations of the Japanese whaling fleet.”

For more info please visit http://www.seashepherd.org.au/news-and-media/2014/01/05/sea-shepherd-locates-whale-poachers-1554



Sea Shepherd GPSOn Monday January 6 at 1650 AEDT, after a 360-mile chase, The Sea Shepherd Fleet drove the Japanese whaling fleet’s factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, out of the Antarctic Treaty Zone.

Sea Shepherd has all ships in the Japanese whaling fleet accounted for, and can confirm that the whale poaching fleet is scattered and currently not hunting whales. The harpoon ships are separated by hundreds of miles. The Nisshin Maru is on the run and unable to stop and whale in its self-designated whale-poaching grounds.

The Japanese whaling fleet was escorted across 60° S and past the northern limit of the Antarctic Treaty Zone by the Sea Shepherd ships The Sam SimonThe Steve Irwin andThe Steve Irwin’s helicopter.

The three Sea Shepherd ships are still in the Southern Ocean and will continue patrols. Should the Nisshin Maru attempt to return to the whaling grounds, Sea Shepherd will be ready to once again intercept and shut down their illegal whaling operations.

Source: http://www.seashepherd.org.au/news-and-media/2014/01/06/sea-shepherd-drives-whaling-fleet-into-disarray-and-out-of-the-antarctic-treaty-zone-1555


Posted: January 1st, 2014 By BWM

Ruined The Parade

The Tournament of Roses Parade in Southern California today was disrupted  by a group of activists protesting the float which featured a boy swimming with orcas in what appeared to be open ocean, full of marine life. PETA had been coordinating efforts to oppose the float and have it removed from the parade all together, but after that failed plans changed to a disruption instead. Over 30 activists with anti-SeaWorld shirts and signs flanked and surrounded the float during it’s run, with over a dozen stepping in front and slowing their pace significantly as a way to try and stop/delay the float from proceeding. Reports are that 17-19 individuals were arrested, one of which is a minor.

While waiting to go to booking, the arrested activists took an self portrait from inside the police van and tweeted it, which has since been making the rounds on social media all day.Arrested Activists Selfie

Police will not confirm if they arrested 12-year-old Rose McCoy, though they do report they took one minor into custody. McCoy becamewell known after she jumped a barricade during the Macy’s parade and stepped in front of the SeaWorld float holding a sign. An officer said to her as he returned her to her proud parents that she “ruined the parade” which she was quoted as saying “made [her] day.” Rose had flown to LA with her family in advance of the Tournament of Roses parade and had made her intention to again disrupt the float known ahead of time, so there is speculation that she is among the arrested activists today.

The parade itself had a huge police presence, especially around the float for SeaWorld. Various news outlets ran photos of armed officers walking alongside the float–seeing heavily armed packs of officers felt out of place, and a lot of mainstream media had taken note, and wondered what legitimate threats had warranted such a response.


Police At The Tournament Of Roses Parade / Jan 1 2014

Police have heavy presence around SeaWorld float

UPDATE: 12-year-old Rose McCoy Confirmed arrested at the Tournament of Roses Parade.

In this article about her arrest she says:

“We went in front of this SeaWorld float and we sat down,” Rose McCoy tells LAist. “Then a bunch of cops grabbed us and kind of threw us off to the side. It was slightly rough.” … “I actually thought it was pretty interesting,” she says. “It was a new experience. It was extremely boring because it a lot of waiting [at the station] and looking at a wall.”

The Article goes on to state,

“She wasn’t handcuffed like the rest of the adults until she got to the police station, where they handcuffed her there to make sure she didn’t leave the station. She was separated from the adult activists during their questioning. They all have a court date on Feb. 3.

Her mother, Emily McCoy was also arrested, in part for aiding in the delinquency of a minor, according to CBS Los Angeles.”




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