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Posted: April 3rd, 2016 By BWM

Francisco Aguirre is a day labor leader from Portland who is being prosecuted by the federal government for fleeing probable death in El Salvador after being deported more than fifteen years ago. This prosecution came directly after he publicly sought sanctuary in Augustana Lutheran Church after ICE tried to take him away from his family without a warrant.

On February 2nd, Francisco’s teenage son Moises was murdered in El Salvador after he left Oregon due to fear of being abused in DHS custody again like he had been when he first sought asylum as a seventeen-year-old.
Yet, the Department of Justice is still prosecuting Francisco for not staying to be murdered like so many members of his family have been.

Please sign this petition to tell the Department of Justice to drop the reentry charge and let Francisco grieve in peace and to tell the White House and DHS to grant Temporary Protected Status to Central American refugees like Moises: unidosconfrancisco.com/sign-the-petition/

‪#‎UnidosConFrancisco‬ ‪#‎DropTheCharge‬

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