Mission Statement

Because We Must is founded on the idea that all forms of oppression and, in turn, the struggles against them, are intimately connected. The subjugation of the earth, it’s non-human animal inhabitants, and the people that are not members of the wealthy white male elite are not unrelated phenomena. Each of these, among the many other injustices that must be confronted, is a product of the white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist culture that dominates the planet. If we intend to mount a serious attempt at confronting, undermining, and overcoming the forces of oppression, we should understand that though there are many battles to fight and many more ways to fight them, we will always face the same essential enemy.

In order to promote this awareness and move forward, Because We Must strives to be a source for informational media that illuminates both the diversity and interconnectedness of struggles against oppression. Rather than pushing a monolithic set of beliefs and expecting others to toe the party line, we intend to present a wide range of radical viewpoints on the urgent issues that we face today and, in doing so, encourage every person to find the ways that their passionate opposition to injustice can be translated into effective action against it.

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