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    The historical and continuing exploitation and killing of masses of non-human animals is simultaneously one of the most glaring and under-recognized examples of injustice in the world today. As industrial society has developed and population growth has accelerated, humans have bred and killed animals for consumption in an unprecedented and alarming fashion. The rise of the factory farm, to reference a major example of this trend, has ensured a miserable life and death for millions upon millions of cows, chickens, pigs, and other sentient beings. Beyond this, recent history has also seen the use of animals in torturous and scientifically obsolete “research” and unconscionable forms of entertainment, among countless other examples of unethical treatment.

    As a whole, the modern relationship between humanity and other animals is essentially exploitative. It should be recognized that animals, as sentient beings that exist for their own purposes, are deserving of ethical consideration. From the cow that lives and dies in squalid conditions to the the chimp that endures torture in a lab on a regular basis, humans subject other living and feeling beings to pain and suffering without necessity or ethical justification. We understand this phenomenon as a result of patriarchal capitalist society’s willingness to dominate and oppress other living beings for the sake of power and wealth. As such, we also hope to elucidate the connections between animal liberation struggles and those of humans and the natural world, and in doing so, raise the urgency of each so that more potent and effective action will arise.

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