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Posted: January 9th, 2014 By BWM

Pig farm owners are outraged after the release of undercover footage from inside their facilities and are taking matters into their own hands seeking the capture of animal liberation activists. A number of farmers from New South Whales took out an add in the paper detailing that they would pay $10,000 to anyone who could aid in a conviction of activists who carry out  investigations on their farms.

Pig Farmers Bounty on ActivistsReports claim that the add is in response to farmers on a property outside of Sydney discovering cameras installed on the property. The pig farmers waited till nightfall and confronted activists who had returned to collect their equipment and ambushed them. A four-hour chase ensued and  ending with damage to the activist’s vehicle. The farmers then acquired Apprehend Violence Orders (AVO’s) after the altercation against Mark Pearson, executive director of Animal Liberation. An AVO is a legal injunction that is usually awarded to victims of domestic violence. The order is made by a court against a person who makes someone fear for their safety, to protect them from further violence, intimidation or harassment–it is similar to a restraining order in the United States/Canada, but centres around a threat of violence.

The farmer’s are likely upset with the success of the Animal Liberation NSW campaign, which has convinced a major retailer to phase out sow crates years ahead of the national phase out in 3 years time.

In addition to the bounty, one farmer had attempted to sue Animal Liberation for copyright infringement for using footage obtained on their property. The farmer claimed since the footage was the “fruit” of a crime (trespassing) that the activists who obtained it had no right to keep or distribute it. This challenge was struck down and the footage was released.

Animal Liberation NSW – http://animal-lib.org.au/

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