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Posted: October 22nd, 2011 By Kyle

Hello everyone,

I am a self-taught computer scientist. I’ve been doing that for about 10 years. My specialty is low level programming and computer security. I’ve been vegan for 6 years and I volunteer as an organizer for an animal rights group in the town I live in.

I will be writing about computer security tactics, current events related to computers and their security, and I will be posting tutorials to help activists stay safe.

As activists, we feel it is important to know defensive strategy when working online or on a computer in general. I feel most activists naively use computers to conduct their research and set themselves up for compromise. It is my goal to help change this and start a movement of activists that can detect fundamental vulnerabilities early.

Well, my cats are hungry and are begging to occupy my bed, so I will leave you with the promise that I will help you use a computer securely. Word.

Posted: October 17th, 2011 By BWM

Hey Ya’ll!

I am very excited about this website, and very excited about how awesome this blog is going to become. My name is Jeff, but I will be posting under the name ‘BWM’ (Because We Must). For the last 6 years (or so), I have been blogging, and running the website veganTHIS.org. VeganTHIS was a website dedicated to all things vegan & animal liberation. It was a fun ride, but my politics don’t stop at animal liberation. I felt like I needed to build a site that was a perfect blend of my politics, and the politics of the people who I organize and work with. If you try to go to the site, you’ll notice that it now directs you to Because We Must. This new website is going to be everything I wanted veganTHIS to be and a lot more. This means the site will be focusing on all things social justice, and the people who make the movements up. I am very excited for this organization to grow, and I hope you enjoy watching, and helping us grow. Now that you have the ‘deets’ about the transition, I feel like you should know a bit about me.

Although I have been vegan for quite sometime, before I was on the streets fighting for animal liberation, I was on the streets fighting for human liberation and the rights of working migrant people. I grew up in southern california, home to the racist vigilante group known as the minutemen. As a teen that grew up in the punk scene, myself, along with friends felt that it was our duty to counter the actions of the minutemen. The main course of action of the minutemen was to protest day-labor sites where working people get picked up by folks looking to hire some manual labor. They would try to scare the employer into not hiring an ‘illegal-alien’ by telling them lies of jail or prison time. We would dumpster food, and bring the food to day labor sites for the workers to bring home to their families, we attended city council meetings to show our support for day laborers, and counter the (also present) minutemen. We showed up at every event, or location the minutemen were at. Sometimes it got very confrontational, even physically violent, but we knew we had to do it. We worked with the day laborers, and other local indigenous rights groups, outnumbering the minutemen 50-1 and effectively shutting the minutemen down at nearly every demonstration. As of right now, the minutemen are so burnt out and beat that they are barely functioning, and this means they are not accomplishing anything.

This struggle is only one of the examples of what sort of info I will be discussing. I will be all over the board, as my passion for liberation is everywhere.

I put in the same effort in fighting for the rights of the people, then I do to fight to give animals the rights they deserve.I fight as hard for the people as I do to keep the forests standing as they should be. ¿por qué? Porque Debemos!

Posted: October 2nd, 2011 By BWM

Hi All,

Thank you for visiting! I’ll be specifically talking about queer, gender and feminist issues for Because We Must. This will take the form of text and video blogs and hopefully you’ll enjoy them. Before I start posting I’d like to introduce myself and give you an idea about where I’m coming from and what to expect.

I did not come to veganism from an animal liberation community or perspective. I’m from one of the reddest states in the US where animal rights activism is scarce and unpopular. I’ve worked on social justice organizing with other young people for the last 5 years on issues like reproductive justice, advocacy for victims and survivors of sexual violence, and service providing for queer people in my community.

I benefit from white privilege. I’m from the US and benefit from settler colonialism and the occupation of native land. My status as part of the middle class has been consistent for most of my life. I don’t benefit from male privilege, but don’t call me a girl: my gender and sexuality is as fluid and complicated as any one of yours (female and gender neutral pronouns are fine). I call myself bisexual as an erotic and political commitment, and other labels like fluid and nonmonosexual work as well. I’m also a Capricorn and take care of Iris (feline) and Phoebe (canine), for you curious folk.

I think it’s important to educate ourselves, and one another, about those issues of which we have understanding or insight. This means maintaining an open self-awareness of our limitations and the ways privilege or ignorance obscure truth or inform our beliefs and actions. I am no expert on these issues, but I do feel like I have something to share and contribute. I will maintain vigilance about my words, and I hope you’ll feel comfortable to call me out when you feel I’ve been hurtful or obtuse. I promise to take you seriously and with respect.

The goals of total liberation demand us to table our egos and embrace that which makes us more effective and sensitive to the lives and experiences around us. Join me in learning, advocating for, and enacting a world in the name of justice and liberation for all.

Why? Because We Must.

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