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Posted: August 10th, 2014 By BWM

Taken from Resistance Ecology

In light of the ongoing incursion on the Gaza Strip, it is time that animal liberation activists take a stand against the violent occupation of Palestine. As of this writing, 2,000 Palestinians are now dead, nearly all civilians, including almost 500 children. Almost 8,000 have been injured in horrific and indiscriminate assaults

Palestinian walks past a wounded cow at an animal farm east of Gaza City, after an Israeli air strike

The Israeli occupation is one of urban expansion, pollution, settler industrial agriculture, environmental racism, and ecological devastation. It has uprooted the indigenous flora and fauna, including the Palestinian people, and the indigenous food systems that existed prior to European settlement. Since 1901 the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been able to rapidly accumulate swaths of indigenous Palestinian territory through initiatives to “protect the land, green the landscape and preserve vital ecosystems.” In reality, this has been nothing more than a Zionist program to destroy the native flora and fauna and replace it with a pseudo-European landscape of Pine and Eucalyptus forests. The dense greenery has served the purpose of erasing Palestinian existence from the land. Although illegal under international law, Israel has established over 18 industrial zones, implicated in worker exploitation and chemical waste contamination. The expansion of settlements and industrial zones in the occupied territories require an extensive road network that dissects and further seizes the land. The apartheid wall, 90% of which is in the occupied territories, has uprooted native woodlands and contaminated water supplies. Since the beginning of the occupation, Israel has stolen water for irrigation, settlements, swimming pools, and industry. By every measure, it is a colonial state that is devastating for the land, the animals, and the native people.

Israel has been strategically green-washing, humane-washing, and “vegan-washing” the occupation to conceal the apartheid regime.  Just as Israel’s pink-washing campaign has been used to sever the international queer community from Palestinian solidarity, this new so-called pro-SludgeIsraelanimal trend is nothing more than a public relations strategy to garner support and justify the oppressive logic of the occupation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has even positioned himself to be the herald of progress for animals in the Middle East. The state has gone so far as to align itself with the growing animal advocacy movement, even offering vegan meals and combat gear for soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

All of this hasbara (Israeli state propaganda) is meant to capitalize on the relatively recent growth of animal rights activity in Israel. Unfortunately, this movement has largely been acritical and carried by the appropriation and erasure of historical and ongoing struggles. This surge in problematic “activism” in the name of animals coincided with a tour by “vegan guru” Gary Yourofsky in which he presented at Ariel University, established by military decree in the occupied West Bank. Yourofsky, well known for his statements that consumers of animal products should be raped and murdered, made explicit his position on the occupation of Palestine:

“Humans are the SCUM of the earth… I don’t care about Jews or Palestinians, or their stupid, childish battle over a piece of God-forsaken land in the desert. I care about animals, who are the only oppressed, enslaved and tormented beings on this planet. Human suffering is a joke. Therefore, I will speak anywhere, in any city, in any country, in any location that will have me. I would lecture IN a Palestinian school if they would bring me in.”

 Is this our movement? Is this the animal’s struggle?

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Posted: August 8th, 2014 By BWM

Wildlife Defence League are putting their lives on the line to help save wildlife this fall in BC, Canada. Every year, in the Great Bear Rainforest, grizzly bears and wolves are shot dead by trophy hunters. WDL have decided that they want their first campaign to be committed to stopping the this hunt. Watch the video, listen to their passion, look at the animals that they wish to save, then head over to the following link and donate what you can. Please help out and support the campaign here. 

Posted: August 5th, 2014 By BWM

Lessons Learned: Looking Back to Move Forward by Jake Conroy

Resistance Ecology Conference 2014
Portland, Or.


Posted: August 4th, 2014 By BWM

The Hidden Cost of Patriarchy by Jennai Bundock

Jennai Bundock is a feminist killjoy living in Toronto Ontario. She is an avid supporter of women fighting back, and long-time organizer within the Animal Liberation Community. She has dealt first hand with the full time job that is fighting to organize beside activist men rather than behind them. She owns Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Bakery and does not want to fight with you on the Internet.

If you’re interested in animal rights campaigns happening right now with women involved in a significant way, check out The Bunny Alliance – thebunnyalliance.com and The Wildlife Defense League – wildlifedefenceleague.org // Jennai also endorses and works with BecauseWeMust.org and OneFight.Org // none of this would have been possible without the Resistance Ecology conference, please consider donating to them for help with this and upcoming conferences and publications

Resistance Ecology Conference 2014
Portland, Or.


Posted: June 17th, 2014 By BWM

The second annual Never Alone online art auction launched on June 11, the International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and all Eco-prisoners. Marie and Eric are two environmental and social justice activists who are both serving near 20 year sentences for their
involvement in environmental struggle in the United States. All artworks will be exhibited and available for online purchase until June 30.  Funds raised Never Alonewill be used to support Marie, Eric and other eco-prisoners’ needs.

There are 24 artists involved this year, including a number of prisoners who have contributed artworks from behind prison walls. All of the artworks focus on themes of wilderness, liberation, state captivity and our relationship with the natural world and other animals.

Marie Mason, a prolific visual artist and musician, has contributed two paintings from a restrictive unit inside Carswell Federal Prison in Texas. Her paintings depict aspects of the natural world that are shared with her by friends from the outside who are continuing the struggle to defend ecological systems. Another prisoner who has contributed artwork is Jose Heladio Villarreal, a hunger striker and long term resident of Pelican Bay prison’s notorious isolation unit.

A great number of artists on the other side of prison walls, including members of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and Beehive Design Collective, have contributed a range of stunning prints, paintings and drawings.

The Never Alone exhibition is a beautiful visual representation of people’s dedication for defending the natural world, and the rights of people to stand in defense of it without facing excessive punishment from the State. It’s also a passionate expression of solidarity with those who have fallen prey to the waves of repression we see political activists facing all over the world.

Starting on June 11, the Never Alone exhibition will be able to be viewed online around the world at neveraloneart.org until June 30.

Adam Void, Ali Cat Leeds, Alma Sheppard-Matsuo, Amy Wilson, Christina Mrozik, Eric McDavid*, Elektra KB, Eva Hall,  Gedden, Jeff Luers, Jose Heladio Villarreal*, Larry Pendleton*, Marie Mason *, Matt Taylor, Mazatl, Nicole Rodrigues, Pat Perry,  Sean Swain*, Shannon Willmott, Tiger Killhour, Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli  (TR)*, Vulpes Vulpes, witchmoss, Zack Meade. (*denotes current prisoner)

You can find out more about Marie & Eric’s cases at:

Find out more about the June 11 International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and all Eco-prisoners at: earthfirstjournal.org/june11

In solidarity,
The Earth First! Prisoner Support Project team

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