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Posted: August 27th, 2015 By BWM

End of an era. We are closing down the Because We Must merch shop. The website will stay, but the merch will be gone. I’ve slashed the prices on every item and some are at cost price now.

This is your last chance to get that shirt or hoodie that you’ve always wanted


Posted: August 22nd, 2014 By BWM

Let’s Get Free: The rise of animal liberation, radical environmentalism and anarchy by scott crow

Resistance Ecology Conference 2014
Portland, Or


Posted: August 17th, 2014 By BWM

Luke O’Donovan is currently serving a two-year sentence for defending himself during a gay-bashing. He is vegan and is currently not receiving vegan food in prison, despite repeated requests from him and his lawyer. We are asking for a national call-in to the jail. Please call 404-613-2000 (jail), 404-613-2264 (kitchen) and 404-613-2002 (jail) and demand an adequate vegan diet for Luke–and please forward this to like-minded friends. For more information on Luke, his case, and other ways to support him, please visit www.letlukego.wordpress.com

On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Luke O’Donovan attended a house party in Reynoldstown, a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Luke was seen dancing with and Let Luke Gokissing other men at the party. Later in the night he was insulted with homophobic slurs, and attacked by several people at once. Luke unsuccessfully attempted to escape, at which point several witnesses reported watching between 5 and 12 men ganging-up on Luke and stomping on his head and body, evidently with the intent to kill him. Luke was called a faggot before and during the attack. Throughout the course of the attack, Luke and five others were stabbed. Luke was subsequently imprisoned and charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as one count of attempted murder. He spent two and a half weeks in jail without bond before being released under bond conditions that drastically affected his life. None of the other individuals involved in the altercation were charged.

Luke is a young queer man previously residing in metro Atlanta. At the time of his arrest, Luke was a student at Georgia Gwinnett College and planned on transferring to Georgia State University — a plan he subsequently had to abandon because of legal fees, medical costs, and bond conditions. The conditions of Luke’s bond caused him to move out of the house he was staying in, as well as preventing him from interacting with a large section of his community in Northeast Atlanta.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted: October 9th, 2013 By BWM

Fighting Corporate Control – by Lauren Regan, Ryan Shapiro, Will Potter

2013 Resistance Ecology Conference
Portland, Oregon

Our state legislative bodies have been co-opted by corporate interests. SLAPP lawsuits, Ag-Gag Bills, and the existence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are all evidence of the power that corporations wield over our rights and freedoms, and how they undermine democracy. What can be done? The panelists will discuss current trends in corporate control and how to actively fight back.


Posted: August 24th, 2013 By BWM

[Ft. Meade, MD] On August 21, 2013 Burning Hearts Media joined with Sparrow Media to produce Alexa O’Brien’s exclusive interview with David Coombs, lead civilian counsel for Private First Class Manning. An excerpt of this interview aired that afternoon on Huffpost Live and was embedded on Huffington Post. The next morning, 40 minutes of this interview aired on Democracy Now!. The following is Alexa’s interview with David in its entirety available for embed or download. We welcome bloggers and media outlets to use this footage as it is the only comprehensive long-form interview with Manning’s counsel and sheds an important light on one of the most historic and heartbreaking cases of whistleblower prosecution to date.

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