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Posted: March 29th, 2012 By BWM

STEP OUT WITH US: Join the Northern Arizona March for Human Rights!

April 28, 2012
Flagstaff, AZ
3:00 PM
Rally at Wheeler Park then March through downtown Flagstaff. 

If you value environmental and cultural justice, please join us on Saturday April 28, 2012 in a march for Human Rights and environmental protection in Flagstaff, Arizona.

As the struggle to protect sacred sites and migrant rights escalates throughout Arizona we are calling on friends, neighbors, families, students, young, old, to march together for justice & healthy communities.

The Arizona state legislature continues to strip our communities of our right to learn and immerse ourselves in our cultures, have control over our own bodies, and provide healthcare and housing for everyone.

Indigenous Peoples’ religious freedom and cultural survival is threatened by desecration of Holy places such as the San Francisco Peaks, Mount Graham, Red Butte, & South Mountain. Forced Relocation and Coal Mining continues to destroy families on Black Mesa and further Global Warming. Greedy politicians & corporations continue to pollute our neighborhoods and steal precious water.

Thank you for helping to build the movement to protect mother earth and human rights!

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